Arousing Interest — The Sydney Morning Herald [22 September, 2012]
Psychologist and author Jesse Bering believes there's a little pervert in all of us.

The Body Politic: A Trove of New Books Examines Some Very Specific Anatomy — Observer [4 September, 2012]
When you’ve just had an orgasm, do you have a euphoric sensation akin to when Dorothy went from black-and-white Kansas to Technicolor Oz? A postcoital rush of vitality that infuses your entire world? A sense of all things shivering with light?

Les Amish ont-ils encore un avenir dans le monde d’aujourd'hui? — [29 August, 2012]
On peut se demander si les communautés Amish pourront survivre alors que le progrès technologique a connu une accélération fulgurante sur les dernières années, ce qui les marginalise encore davantage. C’est le livre de Jesse Bering, « Why Is the Penis Shaped Like That?: And Other Reflections on Being Human », qui fournit une étonnante réponse à cette question.

Pourquoi les tabloïds sont-ils si populaires? — [28 August, 2012]
Est-ce un phénomène récent ou est-ce quelque chose de plus enraciné dans la nature humaine?

Sperma maakt vrouwen slimmer en vrolijker — [28 August, 2012]
Het mannelijke zaad heeft een gunstige invloed op de intelligentie en het gemoed van vrouwen, zo staat in een nieuw boek te lezen. Sperma bevat immers een reeks chemische stoffen die, zo wijst onderzoek uit, depressie tegengaan en de intelligentie bevorderen. En dat is nog maar het topje van de ijsberg.

Eight Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Human Sperm — io9 [27 August, 2012] 
Sperm are single-purposed: They're optimized to get to an egg and inseminate it. But that doesn't mean there isn't more to this cell than meets the ovum. Sperm, along with its travelling companion, semen, are surprisingly versatile and adaptable substances. Here are eight unconventional things you can do with human sperm.

The Fanciful Ways to Prevent Rape-Pregnancy — The Economist [23 August, 2012]
My middle-school health teacher didn't teach me that rape generates its own birth control, so I was flabbergasted to hear Todd Akin, a Republican Senate contender from Missouri, air his theory that women who are raped won't get pregnant because "the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down" in the event of a coercive coupling. My second reaction, after "that's completely idiotic!", was "what is the mechanism supposed to be!?" Here's what I found.

Rape Results in More Pregnancies than Consensual Sex, Not Fewer — Popular Science [21 August, 2012]
As you've probably heard by now, in an interview Sunday, Missouri Representative and Republican Senate nominee Todd Akin said he believed that rape-related pregnancy was "really rare." He continued by saying that, "If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down."

Masturbação – uma 'mão' para a evolução? — Galileu [17 August, 2012]
Você sabia que, só nos Estados Unidos, um filme pornô é produzido a cada 39 minutos? E que, a cada segundo, mais de 28 mil internautas clicam em material pornográfico? Antes que você torça o nariz e diga que toda essa indústria é mantida por desocupados e/ou tarados, saiba que a pornografia e, mais diretamente, a masturbação, podem ter contribuído para a evolução dos humanos. 

Rujlu lezbiyenler, erkeksi eşcinseller — Haber 7 [14 August, 2012]
Scientific Americam Mind dergisinin Mayıs Haziran 2010 tarihli sayısında “The Third Gender” yani “Üçüncü Cinsiyet” başlıklı makalede Jesse Bering biyolojik cinsiyetinden ve cinsel kimliğinden rahatsız olan Transseksüelleri incelemiştir.

Why Is the Penis Shaped Like That? by Jesse Bering: Review [24 July, 2012]
Nicholas Blincoe on a study of human biological traits, Jesse Bering's Why Is the Penis Shaped Like That?

Rats Can Laugh, Study Suggests; Magazine Shows How Science Explores Remote Worlds — Washington Post [23 July, 2012]
We’ve not uncovered a lot of evidence that the animal kingdom is rich in yuks and one-liners, but maybe we just didn’t know what to listen for. In this month’s issue of Scientific American, cognitive scientist Jesse Bering tells about recent research that suggests that rats can laugh.

‘Demencija, moždani udar ili multipla skleroza mogu uzrokovati nimfomaniju’ — Jutarnji list [22 July, 2012]
U novoj knjizi ugledni evolucijski psiholog Jesse Bering tvrdi da je ljudski penis jedno od najboljih oruđa stvorenih evolucijom.

Pondering Penis Shape – and Other Taboo Topics — New Scientist [17 July, 2012]
It’s hard to reach adulthood without contemplating the origins of one's parts. Boys wonder why their penis is shaped so; girls ponder how their breasts came to be; and both parties puzzle over pubic hair.

Book Review: 'Electrified Sheep' and 'Why Is the Penis Shaped Like That?' Reflect on Being Human — Pittsburg Post-Gazette [15 July, 2012]
This month, based upon a series of articles written for Scientific American, research psychologist Jesse Bering pushes even more buttons with his newly released "Why Is the Penis Shaped Like That?" by inviting us to explore the science of sex.

Jesse Bering, Why Is the Penis Shaped Like That? Willamette Week [11 July, 2012]
Also, why do people eat other people?

Are People with Autism More Likely to Be Atheists? — The Huffington Post [1 June, 2012]
In most religions and arguably anything worth being called a religion, God is not just an impersonal force or creator. He has a mind that humans can relate to. Maybe you're not gossiping on the phone with him late at night, but he has personality traits, thoughts, moods, and ways of communicating with you. If you didn't know what a mind was or how it worked, not only would you not understand people, but you would not understand God, and you would not be religious.

Six Writers Who Know More About Sex Than You Do (So Read Them) — Forbes [28 May, 2012]
You probably think you know a thing or two about sex…and I’m sure you do. But, you probably don’t know more than the handful of writers I’ve chosen to profile below, because these people are hardcore. 

Pruebas científicas reforzaron la teoría de la mujer mal atendida — Hoycorrientes [20 January, 2012]
Estudios científicos muestran que el semen actúa como una droga psicoactiva en el cuerpo de las mujeres, mejorando su estado de ánimo y sus habilidades cognitivas.