ODT: Deep Sense Of Loss Not Helped By Rainbow Bridges

December 9, 2019

For Jesse Bering, the death of his beloved border terrier dogs Gulliver and Uma was like losing family members.

For years, Gulliver and Uma, our rambunctious, bright-eyed border terriers, were the centre of our universe.

Their point of origin was County Down in Northern Ireland, where, the locals claim, Saint Patrick is buried (or at least part of him, possibly an ankle bone or an ossified elbow). At the time, we’d just moved from "the States" to Belfast, where I was teaching at the local university. I managed to convince my less enthusiastic partner, Juan, that "Lisbane Lad" and "Cloughey Lass," Gulliver and Uma’s official registered kennel club names, were just what we needed.

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